Pei-Lin Cheng was born in Taichung, Taiwan.

portrait Pei-Lin Cheng

Studying Western Art at the University of Taiwan, she discovers that European art is very much linked to her own sensitivity. As a result, she moved to France in 1994 in order to continue her studies in fine arts. In 1998, she received her National Diploma of Plastic art Expression (DNSEP) from the Regional School of Fine Arts in Dunkerque.

Pei-Lin Cheng has settled in Reims for about fifteen years now, where she has a career as a videographer and an artist, creating contemporary drawings, collages, paintings, then embroidered objects, post cards…

Video was her primary means of expression before she began the “99” collection.

In her view, video as well as photography are contemporary mediums which connect us to our daily life, conrete and virtual. They are thus completely integrated in her artistic research and in her experimentations.

Pei-Lin Cheng is interested in questions about identity and communication, as well as the link between these two subjects.

Her works are primarily presented as installations. Her artistic expressions are multidisciplinary, they are integrated into the places and the environment surrounding them.

Her installations, which often are statements but also imaginary and poetic constructions, are always focused on the viewer’s participation.

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